Film Production [English program]


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Film production E13 Start 6 Apr – 28 Apr 2023 

Course : Film Production [English Program]

Total day / hours : 8 Days [40 hrs of learning]

Price : 69,000 Baht including accommodation
49,000 Baht excluding accommodation

Outline : Become a professional film maker within one course from pre-production to post-production. To launch a successful film career, you need technique, experience, and a professional instructors with a real practice workshop. Bangkok Film School is dedicated to giving you exactly that requirement.

Introduction of Short Film

The relationship between the artistic component of image and sound in film; communicate of ideas through storytelling, design, camerawork, editing, special effects, music and sound effects in film.


The principles of screenwriting, development of ideas to successful story-telling, dialogue writing and identification of unique screenwriting methods.

Acting for Film

The art of film acting through the study and practice of different techniques, including character interpretation, lines delivery and movement for the best performance of characters in film.

Film Directing

Theories and techniques of film directing; film script analysis and interpretation, visualization of ideas, signification; the art of mise–en–scène, directing filmic components, including the presentation techniques of film production projects.

Techniques for Digital Film Production

Fundamental knowledge of Digital film and Video, quality, function, maintenance and care, the practical use of equipment and techniques.

Sound Production for Film

The design of sound, music and sound effects in the creation, recording and mixing to give added dimension to an animated film by conveying mood and feeling that enhance the storytelling of a film.


Lighting theory, camera blocking screen direction, continuity, visual effects, transferring of written scripts to moving images, application of composition for cinematography.

Film Production Shooting [Final Project]

Once everyone all set, the whole class will come up with final project. A great opportunity to hands-on the real deal film production

Film Editing

Theories and concepts related to editing, relationship between screenplay and editing for story-telling, pacing and tempo in film, emphasis of mood using images and sounds, problems and problem-solving in editing, sound recording, sound mixing, sound effects, music, synchronization of images and sound.

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